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The serial stories are found at the bottom of the page. This page was organized on 11.15.99 to better follow Lyta's prolific writing=)

Blue= New stories this week
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EFC Timeline Part 1: From the Atavistic State to the Birth of William Boone.

In Remembrance
A remembrance of Siobhan Beckett and Ha'gel.

When the Truth is Known What might happen if Liam's ancestry were revealed.

Shared Experiences Da'an helps Liam learn to overcome his personal demons. Vignette following my previous story, "When the Truth is Known"

The Bond Between Us An exploration of the bond between Liam and Beckett.

First Date Liam goes out on his first date.

Moments of Revelation Beckett's last moments...

Stolen Moments Liam's first few memories of his mother.

Running the Gauntlet A "what if" that explores what might have happened if the Kimeran Repository had not blocked the shuttle's flight path in "Gauntlet".

Mori'as Ha'gel is faced with his world crumbling all around him.

Sandoval's Choice Sandoval risks toppling himself from his precarious position with Zo'or to save another's life.

What Child is This? What if Liam aged like a normal human child?

Never to Return Zo'or ponders Ha'gel's death

Crosshairs Mitch learns of Julia's arrest.

Threads of the Past Ma'el's thoughts in ancient Ireland

Puzzle Pieces Liam puts together a puzzle during a night of insomnia.

Contemplation Liam’s thoughts after the events of “Crossfire”

Delaying the Inevitable What happened after “Contemplation”.

The Kimera Chronicles: Chapter One The fall of the Kimera from a variety of perspectives

The Kimera Chronicles: Chapter Two The fall of the Kimera from a variety of perspectives

Personel Effects Liam visits Lili's apartment after "Crackdown".

Renee Palmer Thoughts about Ms. Palmer from Liam's POV and her own.

Frustration Liam goes through a rough time.

Unforeseen Consequences An oversight on the part of the Resistance leads to a dangerous situation for Liam.

Returning On All Hallow’s Eve one of those who have passed beyond pays a visit.

A Gift and a Curse Liam’s thoughts concerning his shaquarava.

Hope For the Future Ha’gel’s point of view during “The Joining”

Lost Chances: Lili visits her brother's grave.

Awakening: Anyone want to write the summary? I honestly have not had time to read this one yet =(

Someday: Sandoval’s thoughts after “Thicker Than Blood”.

Before I Fall Asleep Lili’s thoughts at the end of “The Vanished”

Soulful Eyes A covert operative’s thoughts and regrets as she slips into the role of Hannah Klein.

Shaquarava and Ruby Slippers A fanfic writer at least meets her favorite character when an accident strands him in the real world.

Kyrie Ronald and Dee Dee Sandoval’s lives are forever altered by his implantation.

Something To Talk About This was written in response to a story challenge posted on the Philosophy Sphere by Morwen, to write a story with Renee, bubble gum, an even the requires Liam to get/wear a tuxedo, hail and a Star Trek reference.

The Gift Siobhan Beckett finds a package waiting for her.

The Earliest Days Jonathan Doors takes the first steps in the organization of the Resistance.

A Blessed Event? Lili makes a discovery.

For Your Eyes Only Liam waits for Sandoval to arrive at a meeting.

Echoes of Things to Come A shuttle crash threatens to expose hidden agendas and paves the way for important changes.

My Fathers Eyes Joshua Doors visits his father’s grave

The Lies That Bind Liam makes an announcement that shocks Renee. Sandoval and Liam iron a few things out.

In the Realm of the Vanished Life changes during the crackdown. NEW!

Series 1:

Cat and Mouse What happened to the resistance and Liam after the crackdown?

The Face of an Enemy, The Face of a Friend The resistance goes though hard times.

The Face of an Enemy, the Face of a Friend Part II

The Face of an Enemy, the Face of a Friend Part III

Currents Turn Awry Liam catches up to his former friends with unexpected results.

Brief Candle Sandoval deals with a recent loss  

The Rest is Silence Lili makes an unwelcome discovery.

A Dish Best Served Cold Lili's plan takes effect on her intended target 


Series 2:

Every Waking Moment Liam seeks out another Kimeran repository and makes a startling discovery.

As Dreams Are Made On Liam searches for a mysterious Kimera with a connection to him.

The Road Less Traveled Liam finds himself in an unenviable position.

Double Blind Sequel to "Rounded With a Sleep," Liam comes to in the shuttle while Sandoval must deal with the fallout from Liam's escape.

All Our Yesterdays "Sequel to "Double Blind," Lili tells Liam how she came to be on the Kimeran vessel.

In the Morning Sequel to "All Our Yesterdays," Liam and Lili adjust.


Series 3:

An Unexpected Occurrence Liam and Zo'or are forced to spend some quality time together.

An Unexpected Occurrence Part II  Da'an once asked Liam if he could save the life of a Taelon at the expense of a Human, but he never imagined the Taelon would be Zo'or and the Human quite possibly himself!.

An Unexpected Occurrence Part III Zo'or makes Liam a surprising offer…

An Unexpected Occurrence Part IV A REALLY unusual relationship begins to develop. 

An Unexpected Occurrence: Part V A new life begins.

Series 4:

Allies and Enemies Part I: The Joining What if Boone never met with the Resistance in "Decision"? How might that affect the events following and during “The Joining”?

Allies and Enemies Part II: First of Its Kind What if Boone never met with the Resistance in "Decision"? How might that affect the events following and during "First of Its Kind"?

Allies and Enemies Part III: Atavus What if Boone never met with the Resistance in "Decision"? How might that affect the events following and during “Atavus”?

Series 5:

Reconnecting: Belle:  Belle’s perspective on her conversation with Da’an. Companion piece to “Reconnecting: Da’an”

Reconnecting: Da’an:  Da’an’s perspective on his conversation with Belle. Companion piece to “Reconnecting: Belle”

Reconnecting: Liam Liam recognizes Belle in the hallway.

Series 6:

Alterations: What if it had been Liam's death that Sandoval faked in "The Vanished"?

In the Darkness Shinning As the holidays approach, Sandoval finds himself dying with the only person who can save him light years away. Lili and Augur weigh the consequences of a decision with potential ramifications for the entire Resistance.

A Strange Homecoming Sequel to “Alterations” and “In The Darkness Shining.” Liam awakens on Earth and discovers that things may not be as they appear.

Side Trip Lili and Augur journey to Peru.

Explainations Sequel to "A Strange Homecoming" and "Side Trip"


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