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Rating: PG

Title: Unforeseen Consequences

Author:  Lyta


Author’s Notes: This story was originally “Unforeseen Consequences” and “Unexpected Déjà vu”, but I decided to combine them. Also my other story “Mori’as” is tied to part of this story.


Summary: An oversight on the part of the Resistance leads to a dangerous situation for Liam.


“Unforeseen Consequences”


    Liam Kincaid and Augur inched toward the silver color refrigeration unit that contained Dr. Park’s altered version of the virus released by the Metal Scarecrow probe. They did not have much time: Jonathan Doors had contacted Renee Palmer with instructions to reveal the location of this facility. It was not until Dr. Park revealed that the facility he intended to sacrifice was where she had stashed the virus, and Renee had already placed her call to Sandoval, that Liam and Augur set out to destroy the virus.

    Augur tried to break open the lock on the refrigeration unit, but it was taking too much time, so Liam forced it open with his shaquarava. The lock was gone, but the alarm was going full blast. One of the vials containing the virus had cracked a bit, but neither of the two men noticed as Augur set explosives in the refrigeration unit.

    By the time the Volunteers reached the room where the virus had been kept, the storage area was a burned out shell.


    Liam had to sit down as soon as they returned to the temporary Resistance HQ, his head was spinning and he felt so nauseous and dizzy he could hardly stand. A minute later his vision was consumed by thousands of gray specks and he collapsed, sliding off the chair and onto the floor. Augur and Doors hauled him to the medical area of the facility. Doors had intended this place to be used in case the hideout under St. Michael's church was exposed, but it lacked many of the amenities the old facility contained. One thing the HQ did contain was an isolation area.

Dr. Park ran a medical scanner specially calibrated for Liam’s hybrid physiology over him and immediately noticed that his tempeture had shot several degrees above what was normal for him. After his birth and rapid development, she ran a battery of tests to determine baseline readings for Liam.

     Then she detected a virus at work in his system and gasped when she recognized it.

    "Oh my God." She whispered. Park had never considered that her virus, designed to kill only Taelons, might harm someone she cared about. She took a deep breath and slid into her detached professional mode.  Feeling guilty and sorry for herself would not help Liam.


    “I designed the virus to attack anyone carrying a certain gene sequence I believed at the time to be unique to the Taelons." Dr. Park explained to Doors and Augur.

    "Let me venture a guess: Liam has that gene as well." Augur said almost sarcastically.

    Park nodded.

    "Is he contagious?" Doors asked worriedly, already thinking of how to quanetine the facility.

    "No,” Dr. Park said firmly. “Not even to a Taelon. The virus was designed to be airborne only for a brief period of time, not even five minutes, and then is only infectious from person to person for a few hours afterward. It is harmless to humans, and now Liam has passed the point where he would be able to pass it on to others." Dr. Park assured them. "Also with his unique body chemistry, I'm not even sure he could pass it onto a Taelon...or anyone else for that matter."

    Doors walked up to the glass partition that separated the isolation area from the rest of the facility and stared at the young man lying on the medical bed. "Will he live?" Doors asked softly.

    "I don't know, Jonathan. It does not look good." Dr. Park said sadly.


    Liam had never felt so hot in his life, but no sooner did he kick off the blackout covering him than chills beset him. Dr. Park replaced the blanket, but he almost immediately kicked it off again. He thrashed on the medical bed deliriously, calling out in a language none of the Resistance had ever heard of before.

    "Well, he's not speaking in either Taelon or Jaridian." Augur informed Park and Doors.

    "Kimera?" Doors asked, recalling the name of Ha'gel's race.

    "Its very possible," Augur confirmed. "There are a lot of similarities between the language Liam’s hollering in and Eunoia, but not enough to figure out what the hell he's saying, assuming that’s even the language he’s using right now and that he’s making any sense." Augur paused. "Da'an might know."

    "He might." Doors said slowly, "but Renee told me yesterday that he's been put under arrest for treason. The Taelons are keeping this little tidbit of information under wraps for now."

    “Considering how popular Da’an is with the American people, that’s no surprise.” Augur said dryly. “I’ll bet the Taelons are worried about a backlash against the martial law decree and don’t want to exacerbate the problem with that kind of bombshell.”

    “Exactly.” Doors told him wearily. “There are already reports of protests about the constitutionality of Thompson’s martial law decree and the use of Volunteers to enforce it.”

    Mitch stifled a laugh, causing the others to look directly at him. “The House Un-American Activities Committee violated a ton of things on the law books and got away with it. History repeats itself.”

    “Funny,” Augur replied. “I was thinking of the Nazis, but your analogy works well too.”

    “I majored in history at U.N.C. Chapel Hill.” Mitch said. “The Taelons reminded me too much of past dictators for comfort, so I sought out the Resistance.”

    “And just what were you planning to do with a degree in history?” Augur asked.



    Da'an sat in his cell, waiting. He had already endured a visit from Zo'or, but was surprised to see Agent Sandoval. The former North American Companion had previously seen only Zo'or and the few other high-ranking Synod members who had access to him.

    "Agent Sandoval." Da'an acknowledged, his surprise at seeing the attaché evident in his voice.

    "Da'an," the human responded as he produced a global from the pocket of his suit. He pressed it to the access panel and when he pulled it away, Da'an was able to obtain a brief glance of the screen. It displayed a readout of Zo'or's energy signature. Da’an could not help but wonder how Sandoval had obtained the reading.

    "There is a shuttle prepared for the usual run at this time. The pilot is unexpectedly ill. Tell no one that I helped you. I have already arranged for an alibi."

    Da'an nodded, confused but grateful, and began to walk in the direction of the main shuttle bay.


    They transported Liam to Augur's place in the back seat of a sedan. After three weeks the checkpoints near St. Michael's church had been removed or lessened in favor of concentrating on other areas.

    Augur had kept most of the medical equipment, he was eccentric but practical and you never know when such things might be necessary. The equipment at his place was far superior to that at the temporary HQ and the sight of the liberation leader so ill could damage the already fragile morale of the Resistance, so Augur suggested Liam be moved. He'd be more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

    It was strange though, to think that he might loose Liam in the very place where he had been born, not even two years ago.


    Da'an remembered the location of Augur's home and hoped that Liam's friend was still there. He was lucky it was dark enough to camouflage his features, any more time in the city and he could easily be recognized.

Augur was surprised to see him and informed him of Liam's condition. Da'an quickly went to Liam's bedside, shocked to see his friend and protector so gravely ill.

    "Shki garni mae!" Liam called out in his restless sleep, startling Da'an.

    "He's been doing that ever since he collapsed." Augur explained.

    "Do you know what it means?" Dr. Park asked.

    Da'an blushed. "I am not as familiar with the dialect of the Kimera as I should be, but I believe Liam is calling out to Lt. Beckett." Da'an looked at Liam sadly. "From his tone and word choice, I surmise that he expects to join her soon."

    “Liam, you can't die now buddy." Augur pleaded. "Da'an is there anything...?"

    "Perhaps if Liam were fully Kimera he might be able to purge himself of the virus with his shaquarava, but I am not aware how this was accomplished."

    "Would Ha'gel?" Dr. Park asked. "Liam was born with his memories."

    “Yes, he would have." Suddenly Da'an had an idea. "I might be able to share with Liam and help him find the pertinent memory."

    Da'an pressed his palm to Liam's and immediately dropped his human facade.


    Liam became aware of Da'an's presence the instant the sharing began. He felt Da'an guide him through the labyrinth of his inherited memories until the found Ha'gel.

    Liam opened his eyes and found himself on a world with an ocean that appeared almost lavender from the species of algae that lived in the water. It was an odd feeling because he felt like an observer in another's body.

    "Ha'gel." A voice behind him said in Kimeran.

    "Lai'sat, it is good to see you again my friend." Ha'gel said, his skin acquiring a blue tinge to show his pleasure at his friend's presence.

    "It is good to see you as well. I have heard much of your work with the Taelons." Lai'sat said.

    Liam struggled a minute: he wanted to remain for a time in this memory, but he also knew his body was weak and desperately needed to be healed of the virus. His alien father's memories lay before him like a string of pearls, Liam connected with one that seemed might help him.

    Ha'gel sat on the thin meditation mat. He focused on his shaquarava and felt the trifling virus removed from his system.

    Free of the virus, Ha'gel considered the Taelons. Ever since the Kimera had aided in the creation of their Commonality, the Taelons had become hostile toward his people. It was as if they feared the Kimeran power to influence the Commonality and individuals that were a part of it. An intriguing concept, Ha'gel thought.

    He was abruptly pulled from his pondering by Lori'ah who burst into the room. He was about to reprimand is young relation when words he would never forget burst from her in a fiery wave.

    "The Taelons have attacked Mori'as! They slaughtered all!"


    Liam pulled himself away with Da'an's help. He focused in the same way his father had done and felt a tingle of energy envelope him. When he opened his eyes he felt better, but tired.

    "The virus," Dr. Park said in an amazed tone, "is gone."

    Liam smiled and then promptly fell asleep to everyone's amusement