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Rating: PG

Title: Reconnecting: Belle

Author: Lyta


Summary: Belle’s perspective on her conversation with Da’an. Companion piece to “Reconnecting: Da’an”


Spoilers for “A Little Bit of Heaven”


“Reconnecting: Belle”


    Belle gently placed the baby in Da’an’s waiting arms. She had approached him somewhat hesitantly, a shroud of defiance covering her anxiety. More than any other, the Taelon had shaped her life when he saved her and gifted her and Steven with not only life but the opportunity to take another step forward in their evolution. Although he later had abandoned both of them, Belle still craved Da’an’s approval and hoped the child now in his arms would aid in bridging the gulf that had developed between them.

    The baby giggled and blushed a brilliant blue with Da’an blushing an identical shade not even a minute later. Belle found herself touched by the sweetness of the moment. A vague memory surfaced of the Taelon explaining to both her and Steven the dire situation the Taelon race was in and his hope that hybrids such as the twins would be their salvation. Belle wondered how long it had been since Da'an had beheld any infant with even partial Taelon lineage.

    “I’m sorry about what we did to Major Kincaid.” Belle said suddenly, shifting her weight from one foot to the other nervously. She knew that Da’an was enthralled with the baby and would be sharper in his reproach for their crimes than at the moment. At another time Belle would have been glad for the temporary reprieve, but now she decided rather have that discussion behind her.

    “The Major suffered no permanent damage, unlike Ms. Drake.” Da’an said referring directly to the most serious of Belle and Steven’s offenses, though Belle noted a peculiar inflection when Da’an spoke Kincaid’s rank.

    “She saw us once.” Belle said quickly. “We were able to explain it away, but when Major Kincaid came to town and started asking questions about the girl who escaped Steven and I were afraid she’d put two and two together. It was Steven’s idea to plant the girl’s stuff on Carrie and smear the blood on Kincaid’s trousers. It would never have held up in court anyway so the worst would be a few days in jail and by the time they thought to look for us we’d have left with the babies.”

    “Your justifications do not excuse your actions. However, I am not fit to judge you and it was my neglect of you and your sibling that led the two of you to embark upon this course of action.” Da’an told her, handing the child back to Belle. “What I wish to know is why you took it upon yourselves to acquire and biologically alter these children.”

    Belle looked down at the baby in sadness. “It was just me and Steven. We were alone and always different in ways neither of us could explain and we wanted others like us around. I am really sorry about Major Kincaid, Da’an I really am.”

    “That is the second time you have apologized for your actions concerning my protector.” Da’an stated.

    Belle flushed. “When I met him in the diner and I felt a…connection to him. Steven said it was just infatuation like he felt for the girl who got away, but it seemed deeper than that somehow. It seemed as if he had more in common with us than the others.” Belle finished.

    Da’an turned away from them to stare out the window at the cityscape of Washington D.C. and blushed again.