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Rating: PG

Title: Reconnecting: Liam

Author: Lyta


Summary: Liam recognizes Belle in the hallway.


“Reconnecting: Liam”


    Liam Kincaid stormed angrily out of Da’an’s chamber, intent on leaving and hoping he cooled off before tomorrow or he would probably end up getting himself fired. His fingers barely had time to brush against the door that would lead him into the embassy’s main hallway when he heard an odd noise. The sound in itself was not unusual, but strange when juxtaposed against his current surroundings.


    “A baby?” Liam said aloud to no one in particular. He caught a brief glimpse of a familiar blond woman in a blue dress entering the very chamber he had left only moments before.


    Belle Hartley. She was carrying the last of the hybrid children in her arms.


    Liam’s shock was such that he barely registered Sandoval’s departure. He stood in the hallway for quite a while before Belle emerged from the chamber sans the child. For a moment Liam was convinced she would walk right past his location without stopping, but then Belle paused and turned toward him.


    “Major Kincaid!” Belle exclaimed in surprise.


    “Ms. Hartley.” Liam said carefully. Unconsciously he rubbed the dormant shaquarava of his right hand as he thought of the last time they had met. His own shaquarava might be gone now, but sometimes Liam could still feel their familiar tingle of energy.


    They stood there in awkward silence for several minutes before Belle was able to summon the courage to something to say to him.


    “I’m so sorry.” She whispered and scurried off down the hall leaving a stunned Liam in her wake.


    Liam collected himself and headed back to Da’an’s chamber. The Taelon was sharing with the hybrid infant. Not wishing to disturb them, Liam waited patiently until Da’an looked in his direction.


    “Major.” The Taelon acknowledged warily.


    “I saw Ms. Hartley in the hall.” Liam said simply.


    “Agent Sandoval located her.”


    “I figured that much when I saw him leave.”


    Da’an tilted his head to look at his protector, his gaze questioning.


    “I wasn’t spying on you Da’an. I heard the baby.” Liam answered.


    “Tell me Liam, were you like this once?” Da’an asked indicating the child.


    “Yes, but only for a few minutes. I grew rather fast.” Liam said, his voice laced with regret.


    “You sound as though you consider your accelerated development to be a negative experience.” The Taelon noted.


    “I just wish I could have a been a child longer.” Liam said wistfully thinking of what might have been. Memories from his parent’s childhood flitted across his mind. He never had the opportunity to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny or the Tooth Fairy. For him there were no high school yearbooks, prom pictures, or first days of school. He never brought finger paintings home to his mother to hang on the refrigerator with alphabet magnets or listened to an adult read him The Cat in the Hat before bedtime.


    “You are still a child.” Da’an reminded him.


    “You know that. I know that, and a few of my…friends know that, but to the world I’m an adult and expected to act as such.” Liam explained. “I am a child by the Kimeran definition and that of Taelons, but the Human meaning is different.”


    “Is it such a burden that your heritage must be hidden?” Da’an asked, genuinely curious.


    “Yes.” Liam said softly gazing down at his palms in sadness. He gave Da’an the Taelon salute and departed quickly.


    Da’an considered this new insight into his protector. He had known that his attempts to sever Liam’s ties to the Resistance might backfire, but had not seriously believed that it would or probed the potential consequences in depth. He still maintained that the Resistance was a negative influence, but now saw that Liam depended on Augur to understand him, especially with the death of Captain Marquette.