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Rating: PG

Title: Reconnecting: Da’an

Author: Lyta


Summary: Da’an’s perspective on his conversation with Belle. Companion piece to “Reconnecting: Belle”


Spoilers for “A Little Bit of Heaven”


“Reconnecting: Da’an”


    Belle gently placed the hybrid infant in Da’an’s waiting arms and the Taelon stared at the infant in awe. Steven and Belle had been far past this stage of their existence when he first encountered them four years ago. After he had become appalled by their lack of morality and compassion for their fellows, he had abandoned the project knowing the Synod would never condone the natural merging of Human and Taelon DNA. Such a union seemed doomed to be consigned forever to the realm of hypothesis until he met Liam. The young Kimeran hybrid had renewed his hopes, still reeling from his friend and protector’s murder.

    Liam. His protector had lost trust in him after he had turned over information on the Resistance. It was only afterward that Da’an conceded to himself that he had overlooked the possibility that Mr. Pratt might sell information on Liam to Zo’or. He had gained the trust of the Synod leader, but at the cost of his friend’s.

    “Perhaps other relationships will develop to ease the burden of loss,” Sandoval had said.

    Da’an’s thoughts came back to the infant. The child appeared to recognize their similarities on some level and blushed. Overcome with emotion, Da’an lost control of his facade for a moment.

    “I’m sorry about what we did to Major Kincaid.” Belle spoke up suddenly, her words laced with anxiety. She knew him well enough that a more thorough discussion of her actions was inevitable and Da’an allowed himself to be impressed that she was mature enough not take the opportunity to put it off.

    “The Major suffered no permanent damage, unlike Ms. Drake.” Da’an said bluntly referring to the murder the twins had carried out, feeling a bit awkward with Liam’s assumed rank.

    “She saw us once. We were able to explain it away, but when Major Kincaid came to town and started asking questions about the girl who escaped Steven and I were afraid she’d put two and two together. It was Steven’s idea to plant the girl’s stuff on Carrie and smear the blood on Kincaid’s trousers. It would never have held up in court anyway so the worst would be a few days in jail and by the time they thought to look for us we’d have left with the babies.” Belle explained quickly.

    “Your justifications do not excuse your actions. However, I am not fit to judge you and it was my neglect of you and your sibling that led the two of you to embark upon this course of action.” Da’an told her, thinking of the two Human lives he had taken while he was the Atavus. He handed the child back to Belle. “What I wish to know is why you took it upon yourselves to acquire and biologically alter these children.”

    Belle looked down at the baby in sadness. “It was just me and Steven. We were alone and always different in ways neither of us could explain and we wanted others like us around. I am really sorry about Major Kincaid, Da’an I really am.”

    “That is the second time you have apologized for your actions concerning my protector.” Da’an noted, curious as to why she was repeating her statements. It was not a behaveral trait he had noticed in her previously.

    Belle’s cheeks reddened momentarily. “When I met him in the diner and I felt a…connection to him. Steven said it was just infatuation like he felt for the girl who got away, but it seemed deeper than that somehow. It seemed as if he had more in common with us than the others.”.

    A connection. Why shouldn’t she feel one to Liam? After all he was the only other hybrid in adult form. Da’an turned toward the window to stare gaze out at Washington D.C. and lost control of his form again.