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Rating: PG

Title: Renee Palmer

Author:  Lyta


Spoilers for “Crackdown”


"Renee Palmer"


    There she was the mystery woman who had appeared out of the no where to save both Augur and him and she was standing not even five meters away. This time she wore a business suit instead of a Volunteer uniform and did not disappear into the shadows from which she had once again emerged. At least Augur's quest to put a name to a face had come to an end even if her loyalties remained as mysterious as when they first encountered her.

    Renee Palmer.

She worked for Doors, Liam considered, and she probably had some ties to the Resistance. He managed to wipe the stunned expression from his face, something he'd had to do that quite a bit lately. Lili's death, Doors new alliance with Zo'or and now her.

    Liam noticed that she was glancing in his direction, a small secret smile briefly touching upon her lips as though she knew what was running through his mind. It obviously amused her a bit before; she regained her previous expression and answered some of Barry Calvert's questions.

    Liam rubbed his palms for a moment and wondered if she knew who and what he really was. Considering what else she knew about him, that was a distinct and unpleasant possibility.


    As she waited for Jonathan to introduce her, preparing a pleasant expression to concealing how tired she really was, Renee could not help but regard the pair of Volunteers flanking her with some amusement. Her sources had told her that every Companion Protector was ordered to be on the lookout for the woman who sprung two unknown suspects the night Doors was captured. Her sources also told her that Sandoval was going to order Kincaid to spearhead the investigation.

    Somehow Renee doubted Kincaid would present the truth to the Synod leader’s implant.

    These last few days had not been easy. Pulling Liam Kincaid and his friend Augur out of harm’s way, and she was still kicking herself for not being able to get to Jonathan on time, had been very risky. She hoped it would prove to be worth it as Da’an’s protector was about to discover who had saved him. Augur had spent a great deal of time using every trick in his very thick book to identify her and was shortly to find what he sought on the evening news.


    "...Renee Palmer. Ms. Palmer?" At the sound of her own name, Renee forced herself back to the here and now and approached Jonathan and Zo'or. She saw the expression of surprise and dismay that covered both Da’an and Kincaid's faces for a moment and a small smile formed on her lips.