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Rating: PG

Title: Contemplation

Author:  Lyta


Summary: Liam’s thoughts after the events of “Crossfire”




    It seemed extremely ironic to Liam: telling someone over twenty times his own age what to do, but then everyone was his elder except for those too young to form coherent sentences. He had often mused over a soda in the Flat Planet Cafe about the gigantic paradox that characterized his life, only at the moment it seemed a bitter one.

    He swished the soda around in the can as he turned his head toward the television mounted onto the wall. He once again had to watch a colleague become the unwilling leading lady of the evening news. Liam sighed and wished for a stronger drink, but had no desire to add a hangover to his growing list of miseries.

    At least it was so very public. If Julia’s arrest had not occurred on national television, she and her team might have disappeared into a Taelon project like Augur had for a time. Liam had heard stories about how the Taelons “rehabilitated” Resistance members with by implanting them with CVI’s.

    The CVI. He kept wondering when the day would come that Zo’or would demand his implantation. He was confused as to why he was still free while Da’an lingered in a holding cell on the Mothership. If the Taelons were tapping his phones or having him followed to gather evidence, then they were in for a disappointment.  He had returned control of the Resistance to Doors shortly after Renee Palmer had rescued them. With the Taelon sweeps, deep cover operatives were in precarious positions and Liam could not afford to do anything suspicious while he was under such a heavy microscope. The information his position allowed him to gather was critical, especially now, but the forced disassociation from his friends made him feel so horribly alone.

    He wished he could go to Augur, but it was simply too dangerous and Liam actually had no clue where the cyber wizard was holed up until the path to his abode under St. Michael’s was clear.

    Then his global beeped.

    “Agent Sandoval, what can I do for you?” Liam inquired, keeping his tone polite when he wanted to scream at the man who was his human father. Sandoval had betrayed everything he had sworn to protect, and everything he had valued. How could he live with himself?

    “Zo’or would like to speak to you regarding your position with the Taelons. As I’m sure you are aware, you are the only Companion Agent without a CVI. The Synod would like to re-open our discussion on your refusal to accept one.”

    “I’ll be right there.” Liam answered. He sent the coded signal he had dreaded to Dr. Belman and took a deep breath before walking out the door and into the drizzling afternoon.