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Rating: PG

Title: The Kimera Chronicles: Chapter One

Author:  Lyta


Summary: The fall of the Kimera from a variety of perspectives


Author’s Notes: First in a series of vignettes about the destruction of the Kimera.


“The Kimera Chronicles”

Chapter One


Ancient Taelon Homeworld

~10,000,000 BC (Before Taelons, Earth Dating System)


    Mi’al, member in good standing of the Taelon Synod, worriedly watched as his offspring Sa’eh’s shaquarava glowed brilliantly in the dim twilight for a long moment before they flickered out. The Taelon’s face showed concern as he turned toward his companion, whose visage was concealed by the long shadows typical of this time of the day.

    “You see?” Mi’al whispered in his whispery native dialect, knowing that the Kimera would have no problem understanding him.

    “This was unexpected.” Ha’gel answered in the same language with an unmistakable element of regret in his voice. “I will see to it that the council is informed of this immediately.”

    “Will that cause any changes?” The cynical Taelon asked. “Your people continue to suffer guilt at betraying their principle of noninterference in the affairs of other species. My other transmissions to the council have been ignored.”

    “But now we have more than the guilt to deal with. It was never intended for the hybrid’s to inherit the shaquarava, but it appears our precautions were insufficient. Steps must be taken to deal with the consequences of this unfortunate occurrence.”

“Certainties on this plane are few, my friend, aside from the inevitability of an end to our existences. My people see the shaquarava as a weapon. Already violence as occurred. I fear what is to come.”

    Ha’gel allowed himself a small smile, and tried to lighten the somber mood. “You always were a pessimist, my friend.”

    Mi’al looked away, but this action betrayed him to Ha’gel. For the first time the light illuminated the deathly pallor of the Taelon’s complexion and the disrupted pathways underneath. The Kimera instantly recognized the signs.

    “The plague?” Ha’gel’s memory brought forth vivid and unwelcome images of the plague that had been brought to the Taelons over three centuries earlier. The virus had been created by another race for use in biological warfare against their neighbors with whom they had a bitter territorial conflict with , both races had perished. The Kimera possessed a natural immunity and had attempted to destroy all traces of the virus, but when one of the release devices crashed onto the Taelon homeworld, the Kimeran council permitted an unprecedented level of interference in their culture in an effort to save them. Joinings between races had occurred before, but only under prescribed conditions and with the permission of both governments as well as the individuals involved. The hybrid offspring were brought into the Kimeran culture and raised no differently than children of full Kimeran parents.

    It had been painful to leave the hybrid children born of their unions with the Taelons. Ha’gel winced as the memory of leaving his brilliant, beloved Sai’ra behind on his beautiful world surfaced. Though Sai’ra had since died, but he recalled her as vividly as the day he had first encountered her.

    “You know as well as I, that it would only be a matter of time before I too, would succumb to the plague. All but for a handful of my generation have preceded me to death. Soon I will embrace the void and will be unable to assist my people in the coming crisis. That is one reason why I called you now.” Mi’al paused to stare at Sa’eh. “Also, I though you should know that Kri’ni and his mate were among those slain in the recent violence, though their offspring, Ma’el survived.”

    Ha’gel felt crushed inside. The knowledge that Kri’ni survived and retained Sai’ra’s memories had brought him great comfort over the years. “I want to see my grandchild.”

    Mi’al nodded. “I will take you to Ma’el. Then we will discuss other things.”


To be continued…