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Rating: PG

Title: Awakening

Author:  Lyta




    The first thing Siobhan Beckett was aware of as she returned to consciousness was that she was lying down. A moment later, she realized her clothing had been removed and replaced with one of those awful hospital gowns. She forced open her eyes and blinked at her surroundings.

    She turned her head a bit and saw Lili Marquette talking heatedly with Jonathan Doors, leader of the Liberation Movement. Siobhan had a pretty good idea what the bone of contention in their discussion was.

    The Joining had been unlike anything she had ever before experienced, even sharing with her Companion paled by comparison. She felt as though she and Ha'gel had shared one mind, one soul for a brief period of time. Where was he now?

    She inched a hand over her stomach and sighed with relief as she felt the bulge not present when she arrived at St. Michael's Church. It was odd to look this pregnant after only...then Siobhan realized she had no idea how long she had been unconscious.

    She caught a glimpse of a panel that revealed she had been out for just over six hours. Focusing on her unborn child, she recalled telling her mother of the ten children she would one day have, and ruefully shook her head.

    Siobhan prayed the Resistance would be too intrigued to harm her child. She had a feeling Captain Marquette would see to it that her baby would not be the subject of any experiments conducted by Doors' people.

    "You must rely on a radical trust," She had told Sandoval, unaware how much of what she had seen would come true in ways Siobhan would have never dreamed.

    Then the baby kicked, she moved both hands to cover her belly and smiled.

    "I hope you're not planning on practicing Tai' Chi right now, Liam," Siobhan said. Ha'gel had told her their son would have all of her knowledge, as well as his and Sandoval's.

    Then she realized what she had just said. Liam, her maternal grandfather's name. Somehow, it seemed perfect for her baby. Liam Reilly had been something of an outsider his whole life because unlike most, he never let go of his morals and ethical standards. He was a hopeless idealist and had a smile that always reached his eyes. Without knowing how she knew, Siobhan was certain his great-grandson would have those same eyes.

    She heard footsteps and startled at the sight of Dr. Melissa Park followed closely by Doors and Marquette. If she didn't know for sure due to the Joining that Sandoval was not part of the Resistance, Siobhan would not have been entirely surprised to see him or Commander Boone as well.