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Rating: PG

Title: All Our Yesterdays

Author:  Lyta


Summary: Sequel to “Double Blind,” Lili tells Liam how she came to be on the Kimeran vessel.


Author’s Notes: Part of a series including: “Every Waking Moment”, “As Dreams Are Made On”, “The Road Less Traveled: Parts 1 & 2”, “Rounded With A Sleep” and “Double Blind”.

“All Our Yesterdays”


    Liam Kincaid leaned against the doorway of Lili’s quarters on the Kimeran ship and folded his arms across his chest.

    “What?” Lili asked when she noticed that he was staring at her.

    “I was told that you were dead.” He said softly. “Da’an told me that you died during an interrogation by Sandoval and Zo’or.”

    Lili looked away quickly. “I came to in the shuttle. The Kimera picked me up on their scanners and since they thought it might be you coming back, they pulled me aboard. I was in a bad state, Liam. Sandoval had injected me with the untainted excellerant from Da’an’s project-”

    “The same stuff that turned Joyce Belman into Ms. Q?” Liam interrupted.

    “I said the untainted version,” Lili said firmly, annoyed at the interruption. “But, yes it was the stuff. Sandoval left a message saying he wanted me to act as an ambassador to the Jaridians.” Lili laughed bitterly. “He said it was a small payback for him risking his neck to get me out of the blue tank under Zo’or’s nose.”

    “I tried to get you out of the tank, but I was never allowed anywhere near the area. Heck, for a while I was kept off the Mothership entirely. I still don’t know why I wasn’t picked up in one of those sweeps.” Liam said apologetically. “You were gone by the time I could get back aboard. Even when Augur hacked into the Mothership mainframe, the files there only confirmed what we’d been told.”

    “Anyway, when the Kimera picked me up I was delusional from the excellerant and all the drugs Sandoval had given me during the question session with him and Zo’or. When I saw the Kimera, I babbled Ha’gel’s name and one of the Kimera decided to take my form to see if I knew anything about you.”

    “Which you do.”

    “So they decided to keep me around. Then a communication was intercepted stating that you were being held on the moonbase. Rai’gel went after you immediately. After all, they had just treated a fugitive Resistance member and saw what the Taelons had done. It was not hard to imagine what they’d do to a Resistance member/Kimeran hybrid.” Lili eyed him speculatively. “And from the shape you were in when I first saw you, it seems he was right.”

    Liam looked away.

    Lili’s voice softened and she moved closer to him. “Want to talk about it?”

    He looked so vulnerable at that moment, his eyes avoiding her gaze and she could not help but want to comfort him and receive comfort in return. Lili was awakened from her sleep many times these days by vivid recollections of her interrogation on the Mothership. At least her time in Taelon custody had been relatively brief.

    “No, not really. At least not so soon. I think I’m comfortably in denial about what they did to me and I’d like to stay in denial for a while longer.” Liam quipped

    “Believe me, Liam I understand.” Lili said softly.

    “I know.” Liam whispered. He allowed Lili to trace his jaw with her finger, then her finger moved over to brush his lips. For a moment he was certain that she was going to kiss him. Instead she rested her hand on his shoulder and allowed them both to draw comfort from simply being together.

    Liam buried his face in her hair. He was surprised by the deep stab of disappointment that shot throw him when Lili did not kiss him. He turned her head back so that their eyes locked and he traced a finger along her jaw as she had done to his. Just as he was summoning the nerve to kiss her, she beat him to it.


    Rai’gel saw his grandchild and the Human pilot sitting together and smiled when they kissed. They might still be oblivious to the depth of the attraction between them, but it bound them in a way the Kimera was very aware of. Liam was the only Kimeran/Human hybrid in existence, born in a chaotic time and shoved into a world where he was very much alone. Now he was dealing with having his worst fears realized, being cut off from those he had grown closest to, and suddenly finding himself amid his father’s people. Lili Marquette, on the other hand, had recently been altered on the most fundamental level. She was no longer completely human and it was only natural that she would seek comfort from someone in a similar circumstance. 

    Like attracts like, Rai’gel recalled from his host. Lili, unbeknownst to even herself, much less Liam had reached out to him on a level the young hybrid was barely familiar with and he had responded instantly. Now a psychic bond was forming, a bond that in Kimera usually led to permanent pairings. Rai’gel fervently hoped that Lili and Liam would use their new and rapidly developing connection to aid each other in putting past torments behind them.


To be continued…