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Rating: PG

Title: The Kimera Chronicles: Chapter Two

Author:  Lyta


Summary: The fall of the Kimera from a variety of perspectives


Author’s Notes: The second in a series of vignettes about the destruction of the Kimera. Takes place years after Chapter One.


“The Kimera Chronicles”

Chapter Two


Ancient Taelon Homeworld

~10,000,000 BC (Before Taelons, Earth Dating System)


    Mi’al sat on the edge of the cliff watching as one of the twin moons of his homeworld eclipsed the sun. At that exact moment, he accellerated the process which had begun in his body centuries earlier. The former Synod member fell back with the grimace of death marring his usually serene features.

    Sa’eh watched from a respectful distance along with his parent’s friend Ha’gel. He bowed his head and stared at his palms, without seeing them. Sa’eh’s form shimmered in the dim light with the bright blue hue found only at the heart of flames.

Ha’gel was barely aware of the four Jaridian servants who came to take the Synod member’s body away for burial. In the years since his previous visit much had changed on the Taelon homeworld, and not all of it for the better. The lower cast Taelons had been disdainful of joining the Commonality, and to the horror of the higher castes they chose to retain the powerful and deadly shaquarava. Fearing an uprising, conditions for the Jaridians worsened until they were slaves in all but name.

    Mi’al tried to change this and avert the crisis he felt was imminent should circumstances remain unaltered, his own parent had been of a lower caste, and his voice was one against many. He was seen as a remnant of “primitive” times, and only kept his Synod position due to the respect that his advanced age demanded. The Jaridians who now bore his body, did so with true respect. The Kimera doubted they would have accorded any other Taelons.

    “Be careful, you imbeciles! That is my parent you carry like so much refuse.” Sa’eh snarled suddenly, venting his grief induced fury on the hapless Jaridians. “I’ll see to it that you and your families suffer for this outrage you dare inflict upon a member of the honored dead.”   

    Ha’gel winced inwardly at Sa’eh’s words. He had seen far more respect in the Jaridian’s eyes and demeanor toward Mi’al that Sa’eh had ever shown toward his sole surviving parent. eventually come to pass. He stared hard at Sa’eh, who had recently been appointed to the Synod to replace his increasing ill parent. If he was an example of Taelon leadership, then the rebellion could not be far off. Ha’gel sighed with sorrow and regret, he  knew that Mi’al prophesies of a coordinated Jaridian uprising would go unheeded until it was too late.

    “Arrogance is the misstep that leads to the greatest falls.” Ha’gel softly quoted from the ancient wisdom of the Kimera.

    Sa’eh turned to face him with an expression of puzzlement. “Did you speak Elder Ha’gel?”

    Ha’gel smiled wistfully. “Only to the wind, on which your parent’s spirit now floats.”

    Sa’eh only barely refrained from scoffing at that remark.