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Rating: PG

Title: Frustration

Author:  Lyta


Spoilers for “Crackdown”




    Liam Kincaid felt awful.

    It was the six month anniversary of his mother's death, he was still dealing with what happened to Lili, Da'an had become distant of late, his shaquarava were acting up and to top it all off he had a headache. He turned around on his barstool, beer in hand, to survey the clientele at the Flat Planet Cafe. Ever since the martial law decree it had become a Volunteer hangout. The Resistance sympathizers who used to frequent the facility were no where to be seen. The memory of being arrested for merely being on the premises was a difficult one to simply forget.

    Augur had been less sociable recently, it did not surprise Liam considering his friend still topped Sandoval's locate and detain list. Even Suzanne was gone, having left after her interrogation on the Mothership for a job somewhere in Colorado. The only familiar face these days was that of Dr. Belman, who was even now chatting with some of her Volunteer customers.

    As if sensing that he was watching her, Belman approached the young man and simply rested her hand on his shoulder.

    "Tough day?" She asked.

    "Tough year." Liam replied.

    Belman smiled slightly at the remark, considering whom it came from.

    "Does it get any easier?" Liam suddenly asked, swishing the amber liquid in his glass around to form a small whirlpool for a moment.

    “Does what get any easier?”


    Belman thought of her daughter Joyce. "No, not really. The only thing that helps is to find someone special to share the struggle with."

    Liam laughed bitterly. "I doubt I'd find anybody willing to take me on."

    "You never know Liam," Belman said. "All it takes is the right person. Even I found someone willing to take me on.” With a wink she left him to consider her words and disappeared into the crowd.

    Liam sighed and focused on a pair of Volunteers, holding hands on one of the dragon couches. He wondered if they were even aware that they were not alone, so intense were the gazes they fixed on each other.

    What kind of person would agree to be with him? Liam could not help but wonder, especially if they knew the full truth of his lineage.

    Liam took a drink and rested the glass on the counter. He really should not have come here. Sometimes he half expected to here Lili's familiar footsteps approaching from behind him. It was strange to be without one of the few friends who had understood his differences without condemning him for them. Each day he discovered just how precious her understanding had been, in the way Da'an looked at him with suspicion now, in the grief still evident in Augur's eyes, and in the empty spaces she left in each of their lives.