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Old Friend When a mysterious woman appears from Sandoval's past and is appointed as Da'an's new protector replacing Liam Kincaid, Will Liam be able to tolerate her or will something far more interesting happen?

Reflecting Take a look inside their minds. What is going on? Does this little story lead up to something bigger?!

Strain Edana explores foreign territory. Da'an is hiding things. Liam has to find out what is going on, but no one will tell him.

Resurrection  Da'an's secrets come into view as Edana takes a fall while Liam learns about one of the oldest human traditions- Birthdays.

Awakenings  Boone finds himself in a greatly changed world. Liam learns more about Human emotions than he bargained for.

Back to Normal? Boone takes over for Edana. When she returns, there's a new assignment. Boone, Liam, and Lili have to be creative when Da'an, Sandoval and Edana are captured.

Promises (PG-13) Follows up the abduction of Da'an, Edana, and Sandoval. Another visit from Abby. Boone and Liam share a small journey.

Promises 2 The Synod convenes to discuss some serious issues. Edana and Liam have some new experiences. Da'an gets a peek at Human emotions.

Sunday  Sandoval and Father's Day.

Children!? Sandoval finds grief and hope all at the same time when he gets three housemates.

The Gala - fun at the candidates shindig.

Trials and Memories - A few months trying to cope with loss and new knowledge.

Merry Christmas? - What happens when 4 Taelons, 4 Protectors, 3 Children, 2 Execs, and 1 Genius are stuck together just before the holiday? Chaos!

Guess What! Mystery and Intrigue return!

Close Calls  Dara and Daniel have a rough day at work.

Bad Dreams  Something's going to happen but no one's sure what. Warning: Character death. New!

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