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Striving to Become  Boone comes down with the flu, an event which threatens to expose the fact that his implant has been tampered with.

Lesser of Two Evils - Part 1  Should over two million people be sacrificed on the off-chance that it might mean the survival of many more?

Lesser of Two Evils - Part 2  Boone and Lili find themselves at the center of some dangerous politicking.

The Outsiders - Part 1  Boone and Da'an struggle with their growing relationship and the ever increasing sense of isolation from their own kind which it's generating.

The Outsiders - Part 2  Boone and Da'an each struggle to win the right to continue their relationship, and along the way, learn more about each other.

Reflections of the Day  Sometimes memories of the events of a day can prove more than their owner can contain. They seem to take on a life of their own...swirling about the mind, depriving it of rest or peace...demanding that the one who keeps them, copy them in some fashion, so that perhaps one day, when their keeper is gone... they will live on.

Masques  Boone possesses several different faces; the one he shows to the Resistance, the one he presents to the Companions and one he wears in public. Since Kate's death, only one being has glimpsed the true face behind his many masks. Has Da'an learned enough about this day-to-day human deception to be able turn the tables on Zo'or?

The Univited - Part 1   It is a sad day for the closely-knit band of Washington resistance fighters, as they come together to mourn the passing of a friend, but it is also a time of learning for one who is new to this custom.

The Univited - Part 2  A sticky situation grows positively hairy, as Boone gathers evidence with which to expose the Taelon's genetic experimentation.

The Univited - Part 3  It's a race against time as Boone struggles to save Human-Taelon relations...as well as Da'an's reputation!

Displaced  Da'an faces the prospect of losing the one being he has grown closest to...

Singled Out  (Prequel) As an adolescent, Da'an once followed a unique course of action, which ended up influencing his future... and in turn, our own...

They Know Not I Knew Thee (PG-13) Despite being surrounded by his fellow Taelons and supported within the Synod, Zo'or walks very much alone. When pride clashes with desire and ego with the commonality, there can be no room for friendship or love...Or can there?

They Know Not I Knew Thee (R rated)                                            

The Hidden In but a few short weeks both the Liberation and the Commonality suffer major losses. The battle lines are redrawn and for several individuals life begins anew...

The Quality of Life - Part 1 The battle lines are redrawn as several individuals on both sides of the conflict attempt to begin life anew...

The Quality of Life - Part 2  As Boone and Da'an work toward forcing Zo'or to develop a means of circumventing the new series three CVI's, they meet with an unexpected complication. Will they give up their biggest pawn in the hopes of achieving a greater good?

The Stranger An unexpected visitor unintentionally brings hope to those who have gone so long without...

The Burden of Duty How much does one owe a future which may never be and, does such a duty outweigh both happiness and love?

The Waiting Game Part 1 All of the great diplomats know how to play the waiting game. Meanwhile, Zo'or's latest experiments alienate him further from those who share the Embassy with him. (PG-13)

The Waiting Game Part 2 The search for the missing Secretary of State uncovers several more disturbing facts. Meanwhile, as everyone prepares for a new arrival, a new complication occurs.

Perchance to Dream Part 1 Life is about to take an unexpected turn for everyone...

Perchance to Dream Part 2  (Rated PG-13)  Amid the rolling hills and monoliths of Strandhill, two very different people mature. One must wrestle with regret while the other questions his very place in the world.

Perchance to Dream Part 2  (Rated R) Amid the rolling hills and monoliths of Strandhill, two very different people mature. One must wrestle with regret while the other questions his very place in the world

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