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There are all serial stories and are meant to be read in order.

Trespassers in the truth What would happen if Agent Sandoval found out that a certain Resistance fighter was his son?

Mind Games After the crackdown on the Resistance, those left will have to find a way to start over.  The way they think of is something no one will ever believe...

Follow Me Home What happens when Sandoval's CVI breaks down again, and it must be replaced without Zo'or's knowledge?

The Blinding Darkness While going to a Meridian meeting, Agent Long is kidnapped by a person she never thought she would see again—someone who wants revenge on Sandoval and will stop at nothing to get it.

Second Series:

Children of a greater love What if the Taelons were finally able to create Human/Taelon hybrids?  And what would happen if they escaped?

Children of a greater love II What if the Taelons were finally able to create Human/Taelon hybrids?  And what would happen if they escaped?

A Fathers Quest Sandoval searches for the truth about Ronnie and finds out a lot more than he bargained for.

Silence's Fire Ronnie is betrayed by someone in the Resistance and captured by the Taelons.  What will they do to him?

Sorrow's Shadows: In the aftermath of Ronnie's implantation, not all things are as they seem.

Dreams A loved ones return brings more than happiness and joy... 

For Freedom Ronald and Liam have been implanted.  Are they lost to those they love forever? 

Third Series:

In My Darkest Hour After Lili’s death and Da’an’s betrayal, Liam finds himself all alone…or is he?

Fighting the Darkness This is the sequel to In My Darkest Hour. Liam has finally found a family in Ariel, Lak'shan and the Kimera, but there is still one family member he needs to make amends with. NEW!

That Which Lies Beyond the Darkness This story is the sequel to Fighting the Darkness. T'than's plots have deadly consequences for everyone, but lead to a surprising new ally.  NEW!

Stand Alone Stories

Becoming What might have happened if Ha’gel had not died?

Strength of the wounded After having his true nature revealed to the Taelons, Liam is forced to face things most humans never have to.  Will he be able to overcome the pain they caused?

For My Sins Though Sandoval’s execution is “In Memory” was only part if a simulation, it makes a person wonder, if this had happened for real, what would he have been thinking?

Did You Know? A tribute to William Boone…

Destiny E:FC/SeaQuest DSV crossover that takes place in the EFC universe about mid-second season.  What happens when a couple of SeaQuest DSV characters are dropped into the EFC universe?  Chaos, that is what!

Mirror Images Ronald Sandoval finally finds his son, but the finding turns out only to be half the battle.  

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