Zo'or got run over by a space probe
By MayaWolf

Zo'or got run over by a space probe,
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve,
You can say there's no such thing as Jaridians,
But me and the other Implants, we believe.

He was wearing our Christmas present,
Which maybe wasn't for the best,
A brand new pair of sparkle pajamas,
With a bullseye printed right upon the chest.

When we finally contacted the Synod,
Leader Qu'on just seemed annoyed,
And there was only a smoking puddle,
To mark where Zo'or himself had embraced the Void.


Now we're worried about Sandoval,
Without a Companion to suck up to,
Da'an let him drive the Mothership,
Just to give the old boy something to do.

The Resistance is quite happy,
The Companions will never have their trust,
Well, so much for peace and goodwill,
Here's a toast as another Taelon bites the dust!


Now the Commonality's in an uproar,
While we're singing "Fa La La,"
Who knew we'd find another use for
Good old hybrid Liam's shakarava?

If we ever told Da'an the truth,
He would probably pitch a fit!
Zo'or was wasted by Jaridians,
Yeah, that's our story and we're sticking to it.


Sing it, Qu'on!

Chorus again, if you can stand it.