Sleigh Ride Parody
Written By GreenMtGirl at Philosophy Sphere

To the tune of "Sleigh Ride"

Just hear that Augur clacking, on keyboard hacking, to see
If he can ride in the shuttle and get to cuddle Lili.
His near obsessive behavior to earn her favor may be
In vain; he's out of luck and stuck with Holo-Lili.

Boot it up, boot it up, boot it up, make one.
Holo-Lili's fun!
We're waiting for the next incarnation.
Boot it up, boot it up, boot it up, make two.
She's waiting for you!
The real Lili knows! Oh no! It's curtains for you two!

Now Augur's quick backtracking to hide his hacking is clear.
But he just can't part with the computer art of his dear.
He let Lili revise and desensualize Holo's gear.
He hopes that this small favor will excuse his behavioral leer.

There's a Resistance party at the famous Flat Planet Café.
Mr. Doors is there, Dr. Belman too, and Liam, hey!
But Augur's in his upstairs room observing privately.
Until everyone turns, the door opens, it's Lili. Lili! Lili! Lili!

There's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy.
Augur slowly smiles. Lili orders beer and apple pie.
It's nothing like a picture print by Currier and Ives.
But, hey, this is a TV show. Just remember they're not real lives!

Just hear that Augur clacking, his shoes attacking the stair.
He makes his way to join the fray of the party affair.
He greets his favorite Lili; she smiles kinda silly. It's rare.
They find a table together and talk of the weather OUT THERE.