Merry Little Taelons
Written By GreenMtGirl at Philosophy Sphere

(To the tune of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas")

Look right here, a merry little Taelon,
Robed in blue-ish light.
He would like to use you in his age-old fight.

Look right here, a merry little Taelon.
Don't think that he's gay.
She's a He; it's normal - he was born that way!

Here they are, on the mothership,
Offering Companionship to all.
Taelons' tests on our poor physique
Make the humans seek their fall.

Someday soon, the conflict will be over.
Can the humans prevail?
Will the Taelons win or will the Taelons fail?

So, watch him now, the Taelon in this earth/space tale.