Limericks By Nohavina

There once was a Kimera named Liam,
The fans weren't too happy to see him.
They got rid of Boone
A little too soon.
The good ol' producers
can't please 'em.

There once was a captain named Lilly
Who hated the Taelons quite silly
She did a hand thing with Da'an
But please remain calm
'cause Taelons can't
do just like Billy.

There once was a Taelon named Zo'or
We can't think of one we hate more.
He's mean to Da'an
He's worse than Khan(as in Wrath of Khan)
We'll never say Zo'or is a bore!

There once was a fellow named Doors
who looks like he drank too much Coors
They messed with his brain
They drove him insane
And I know somehow Boone is to blame.
And my wardrobe matches the floors