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Siobhan’s Legacy Four days after the death of Siobhan Beckette Da'an has ordered that Liam will be the one to take care of the late Agent's affairs, including going through her belongings. What he finds is much more then he could have imagined much less hoped for.

What Sculpts A Man of Wealth? As a youth, Augur was nothing more then a street rat. But when he meets 12 year old Kati she would forever touch and change his life.

The Path Least Traveled Part:1 Tough Choices, Harder Truths A young man, smitten with Taelon ideals, learns that life and the Taelons are not always what you think, and that love is something to be cherished, no matter the source.

The Path Least Traveled Part 2: Getting To Know You The day is anything but normal for Companion Agent David Rossi as he meets the last of its kind and possibly the Taelons last hope for survival.

The Path Least Traveled Part 3: Discoveries David Rossi continues to learn more about this strange Taelon, and discovers that she's even more alien than he thought.

The Path Least Traveled Part 4: True Love Abides No Boundaries When it it appears all is lost a new hope appears. 

Growing Pains Part 1: When Zo'or sires a child will he be able to find enough love in his heart to accept that which is so different from him and will the child find the truth within himself and be able to accept it? (Co-written with BoredTech)

Pieces As Augur tries to put the pieces of his life back together after the death of Beverly Wu he learns something new about himself and someone that cares for him deeply .

Rain, Rain Liam finds himself contemplating Bei'li's last words as he tries to bring back his closeness with Da'an.

I Dreamed A Dream In Liam's visit to Ireland after the Bliss epidemic, he discovers secrets of his past, and learns important truths about his alien father, the Kimera, and the Taelons.

In Your Eyes While imprisoned by her CVI, with memories repressed by the Resistance, the thoughts of the little bit of Siobhan Beckett that still remembers turns to Liam, and the things she longs to tell him.

Thou Wert Lovely To The Last Liam finds love in a mysterious woman who turns his world upside down. But is this love too good to be true?

Bringing Back the Magic Liam finds out from a mysterious stranger that the woman he fell in love with might still be alive. But getting her back might have too high a price. Sequel to "Thou Wert Lovely to the Last".

Breathe Starlight Third in the series "Thou Wert Lovely to the Last". Liam and Kali try to figure out how to start their new life together without drawing Zo'or attention. 

Always and Forever When Sandoval discovers that he's free from his MI, he takes a good, long look at his life
and some of the choices he's made.

What child is this? Part II of Always and Forever.

A Merry Little Christmas A shuttle accident throws Liam into an alternate Universe where the Taelons are gone, and Christmastime is upon them. Can Liam find happiness with this close-knit family spawned from the Resistance.

Happily Ever After Years after the war with the Taelons is over an old man recalls the story for his grandchildren.

Almost Free  Midseason one. Siobhan Beckett gets a letter from her estranged sister and begins to doubt her loyalty to the Taelons.

Sandcastles After the massacre in "Thicker Than Blood", Hayley struggles to survive and come to terms with the loss of so many Resistance fighters.

Almost Love It was almost love. It was almost always. It was like a fairy tale, we lived out you and I. And, yes, some dreams come true. And, yes, some dreams fall through. And now, the time has come for us to goodbye.

A Simple Man Renee learns just how different she and Liam are.

Farm Life A trip to Colorado turns in a learning experience for the Taelons.

Fragile Flame What happened to Lili Marquette on her trip from Jaridia back to Earth? Covers the events from the end of "In Memory" to the end of "Arrival".

A Protectors Duty Liam's thoughts at the end of "Arrival"

The Blessed Emancipation" from the point of view of the Skrill Queen. 

Deny Thy Father  Joshua Doors tries to sort out his feelings after his father's death.

The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven, part 1 The life story of Siobhan Beckett. Her early life and experiences that bring her to the point of joining the militia. New!


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