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Fragments of Spirit A new experimental form of implant is assigned to a heretofore unknown Taelon.

The Crucible Someone is snatching bodies from the coroner's office...

Salutary Interludes Taking place between The Crucible and the next segment which will take place in New Orleans, this is sort of an interlude. It diverges from EFC TV in that Ha'gel never sired a child. Captain Marquette is credited with destroying the probe which killed Quo'on and threatened Da'an. After 'Dimensions' I figure we all have a license for departure from the canon of the series. Future segments will parallel the series, but certain points will definitely change.

Open the Way For Me Falls after "Atavus." Allen contacts the resistance in New Orleans, learning some surprising information. Marquette deals with a new development within herself and the Liberation. Zo'or makes a push for new legislation.

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