One Fans semi revenge on the writers and produces (humor skit)

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to offend anyone including the cast and crew of Earth: Final Conflict, it was written in good humor and is expected to be taken that way. It is not meant to hurt/attack/blame/debase or flame anyone.

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Authors Notes: Please see my statement at the bottom if you have a problem with this skit.  

Title: Vengeance
Author: BoredTech
Dedicated to: Kevin Kilner (William Boone), Kari Matchett (Siobhan Beckett), and Stavroula Logothettis (Kee'sha)
Spoiler's: Season 2

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Showers can be a dangerous thing I sometimes think, yesterdays caused me to write 10 more pages of fan fic for my story and today’s thoughts well... read on.

Scene: On one side, we see all the writers and producers for EFC brought in and lined up against a wall... On the opposite side we see a large crowd of very upset fans carrying loaded paint ball guns.

Fan: “OK! Who’s idea was it to kill off Boone!?”

We see all the writers and producers looking around at each other but no one speaks up.

Fan: “No one will admit to it?! Ok then! Lets do this the hard way! Ready! Aim!”

We hear someone against the wall scream “Wait!”

Fan: “To late… Fire!”

Fifteen seconds and fifty paint balls later we hear “Cease fire!”

Fan: “Again, I’m going to ask, WHO’s idea was it to kill off Boone?”

We see some shuffling and two people that had managed to hide behind everyone else during the barrage of paint balls are pushed to the front, they stumbled on the ground and fell on their knees. They appeared not to have a single smattering of paint on them.

Fan: “and WHO are you two?”

From the wall, we hear someone yell “it was their idea!” all the fans take two steps closer taking aim at the two.

Fan: “Again I ask, WHO are you?”

First person: “Paul Gertz” (we see him cowering)

Fan: “and you?” looking at the second person on their knees Person two: “Jonas McCord”

Fan: “you’re the two responsible for the new episodes?”

McCord: “Yes”

We hear all the fans talking in hushed voices, after a moment they become silent.

Fan: addressing the crowd “What have you all decided?”

In a split second, we see all the fans looking very upset and aiming at the two down on their knees.

Fan: “Sentence has been passed…. Fire!”

Two minutes and several hundred paint balls later we hear “Cease fire!” When the firing stopped the two were covered with paint and begging for forgiveness.

Fan: “Take them away!”

We end up seeing the same scenario repeated with Julie Beers (wrote the script that killed Beckett) and Brian Nelson (wrote the script that wiped out Kee’sha”). Eventually all the writers and producers that were for the changes in season two, are tried, found guilty, and sentenced to paint ball hell.=)


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Well it seems a few people got upset over this so I'm including this statement that I ended up having to send out after I originally posted it to an mailing list.

I would like to say a few things. I only picked those individuals who were listed in the credits as writers for those eps, I personally would have refused to write them, but that's not my point. As I noted in the skit:

Note: This is not meant to offend anyone including the cast and crew of  EFC, it was written in good humor and is expected to be taken that way.

It was not to be taken as a accusation of any sort, merely an outlet for those who thought Gertz and McCord where at fault since they were the ones who wrote and co produced Boone's demise. I personally believe that Mr. Gertz has written a number of great eps in season one, but its only fair to spread the blame is it not?=)

When I get bored I come up with strange and usually "funny and odd" things (i.e.: skits, pic's like Zo'or and the teletubbie, etc.) as people that have listened to/read my idea's/samples of my fan fic I'm working on will attest to. Nothing I write is ever meant to hurt/attack/blame/debase or flame anyone, nor will it ever, perhaps I will add "offend or attack/blame anyone" to the note should I decide to write any feature skits. Just like a political cartoon its just humor, sometimes warped, but humor none the less.=)

I'm simply making sure people know my thoughts on why I created this skit. Now if you'll excuse me I think Da'an is having way to much fun for one person throwing snowballs at Zo'or... (See what happens when you get snowed in for 3 days?=)


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