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Title: Sharing
Authors Notes: Since I haven't yet returned to work my father has been dragging me off to help him set up and test a fiber optic network at one of the local schools. Its mindless work and my mind wanders all over the place all day long, this is the result of one such musing…

I always wondered what happened immediately after Lili and Da'an's Sharing…

    "In my time on your planet I have yet to share such closeness with a human… as I have with you."
    "That goes both ways"
    "I would like for us to reach a new level…."
    "We Taelons have the ability to direct all of our energy to a certain part of our body, everything that defines us is included in that energy"
    "Your feelings? Your emotions?"
    "Yes… My hands are the conduit let us touch "
We see Da'an raise his right hand up in front of him, palm outward. Lili brings hers up to meet his. Da'an's hand begins to glow and we see him blush several shades almost losing his Human façade. Lili's face seems to indicate that she is more then enjoying the experience.
   A few moments later the sharing is completed and we see the two looking at each other with there palms still touching.
    "NO!!!!" They hear someone scream, they look over just in time to see an absolute look of shock on Zo'or's face as he looses his Human façade and becomes a sparkly swirling cloud of energy that disperses in all directions, sending Zo'or into the void.
    "Well, there's one less annoyance." Lili commented, looking to where Zo'or had stood just moments before.
A smile slowly crossed Da'an face "I must agree"

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