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Title: And then there were two, Part 3: Sean's Story
Author: Dot Ferret

And then there were two, Part 3: Sean's Story

        Sean moved around the lab with the frantic energy of a caged wolf. His pacing had increased during the weeks of his captivity, his once jovial and bright countenance stark and wary. His light blue eyes shown with a ferocious intensity above sharp cheekbones and dark shadows. He had at one point refused to do any of the work demanded of him, only to be awakened one night by several of the implanted lab workers who while holding him down attached a shiny bracelet to his left wrist.
Try as he might he could neither find beginning or end to remove it.
        "Your struggles are useless Dr. Lazarius," Sean looked up at the sound of Zo’or’s arrogant and hated voice.
        "This will insure that you cease your childish protestations and resume the work you had started on Earth!" Zo’or moved to the smooth seamless wall appearing to gracefully perform a piano rift in the air. Sean wondered how someone so angelic and ethereal in appearance could be so evil and perverse in actuality. His thoughts were indeed centered in the right direction as a bolt of pain gripped him in his midsection forcing him to his knees gasping trying to catch the breath that had been so forcefully taken from him.
        "You can see Dr. Lazarius that the prudent choice would to be to co-operate starting at this moment." Zo’or glided to the door, turning only enough to look at Sean from the corners of his eyes, Sean still sat stunned on the floor of the lab.
        "The pain bracelet is set on its lowest and briefest setting Dr. Lazarius, please do not be foolish enough to try to test its capabilities"
        Well needless to say Sean indeed tested the pain bracelet’s capabilities time and time again, each jolt ever increasing in duration and intensity. Agitated Sean ran his hands through his blond hair setting the tips straight up in the spikes all of his friends had come to call Sean’s Stalagmites. There had to be a way off this ship, but with his every move monitored by the cold-eyed Agent Sandoval or the ships dronish implants Sean despaired of ever reaching Earth again.
        Not desperate enough to consider ending his life, once again he turned to the one thing that kept him sane, his work. He raised his head at the sound of the doors sliding open.
Agent Sandoval came in with several of the security drones "Come with me Dr. Lazarius, Zo’or has something to show you"
        "And of course Zo’or must be obeyed above all else Agent Sandoval?"
For a brief second Sean thought he saw a flash of uncertainty in the Companion Agents eye, and just as quickly it was gone.
        Agent Sandoval nodded in the direction of the door and Sean followed him out flanked closely by security. They moved through the bowels of the ship easily, Sandoval leading the way as if he knew every nook and cranny of the alien vessel as well as his own neighborhood. Indeed Agent Sandoval did know the Taelon mothership like the back of his own hand the CVI enhanced functions gave him perfect recall and mentally he had mapped every inch of the mothership.
        They emerged in Zo’or’s private area, the blue clad Alien was enjoying a moment of pleasure within the commonality evident by the overwhelming Blush that swirled and circled on his pale features.
His face returned to its opalesque paleness along with the ever-present smirk. "I am so pleased you could join me Dr. Lazarius"
        "It is not my wish to do so Za'or", his deliberate mispronunciation of the Taelon leaders name did not faze the alien his smirk only increased. Flaring his nostrils and staring coldly at Sean, Zo’or moved to a virtual glass container, suspended by living rope from the ceiling.
        "This Dr. Lazarius is the Taelons greatest achievement to date"
Sean looked at the sparkling blue container squiggling and pulsing from within and with as much sarcasm & bravado as he could muster looked square at Zo’or.
        "Sea Monkeys, this is the greatest Taelon achievement?"
From behind him a quickly stifled chuckle caused Zo’or to turn around to stare at his implant.
        "Agent Sandoval please share with me the reason for your amusement!"
Sandoval’s rigid stance showed the stress of having allowed such an error to be caught. "I apologize Zo’or it is a term I have not heard since I was a child"
The Taelon continued to stare at him, "And what is a Sea Monkey Agent Sandoval?"
        "A child’s toy, Zo’or very tiny live creatures in a bowl"
Zo’or actually smiled, "Exactly right Dr. Lazarius, this is indeed a Sea Monkey"
Sean frowned not understanding at all, this joke had gone way over his head.
        "This container holds the living essence of a person very important to the Taelons and to Da’an in particular."
        "Living Essence, there is a live person in there?" Sean was horrified as he stared at the small container.
        "No Dr. Lazarius you confuse living with alive they are two very separate realities."
Fascinated despite himself Sean moved closer to the container, "and what does this captive think about his present state? I am assuming it was male?"
        "You assume correctly Doctor, that is why your research is so important! Due to grievous injuries and circumstances beyond.. his.. control, "
Zo’or sent a brief sliding look to the implant standing motionless behind Sean,
        "His physical being was terminated" "Yet here in this container we have his emotions and his memories ready to be implanted in another’s conscience, yes his memories are very important to the Taelon race."
The arrogance of the alien’s statement stirred the anger in Sean that the pain bracelet had kept tamped. "Does he want his memories implanted?"
        "That is of no consequence," Zo’or deliberately ran his hands over the container, much like a person would the family dog.
Sean had sympathy for the encased human almost picturing him shudder as Zo’or touched the case so possessively! Well he might not have found an ally but he at least was not the lone captive on this interstellar prison, and misery did love company.
I need to have access to **this** person for my work."
        "All in good time Dr. Lazarius, you must show a marked improvement in your productivity before I allow such access."
Sean stared at the container, if he could not free himself he would at least free this unfortunate soul from the eternal captivity planned by Zo’or.
Not turning to face the pale skinned alien he put one hand out to touch the warm surface of the case, from inside gold and silver sparks seemed to leap to meet his fingertips, "Agreed".
        "Do you see Agent Sandoval? The Doctor needed only the right incentive to peek his intellectual curiosity once more."
Sean turned to look at Sandoval who himself was staring at the case but instead of seeing the usual stone faced agent he was witnessing a look of incredible sadness. As soon as their eyes met the steelhard look returned and from behind them Sean heard the soft chuckle of Zo’or.
        "You may return when you show me proof of progress Doctor," return him to the lab Agent Sandoval"
Dismissed Sandoval performed a Taelon gesture and turned sharply away motioning Sean to walk ahead of him.
When they approached the lab Sean turned to Sandoval, "Did you know him, the man in the bottle?"
        "Keep moving Doctor." Sandoval's tone was icy.
        "You do know who he is! Why is he important to the Taelons, why is he so important to Zo’or?"
Sandoval moved into Sean’s space his voice a hiss his eyes flat, black as a stone the eyes of a shark, diminutive but just as deadly.
        "His name was Boone and he was a dreamer, a fool who thought he could fight his battles with words, he lost his fight as will you if you do not do as you are told."
With these as parting words Sandoval shoved Sean into the lab and as the door slid close, effectively ended the conversation.

To be Continued...