.......And Then There Was Two............. by Dot

   Graduate student and soon to be Doctor,
Sean Lazarius pondered the problem that had returned him to the lab.
Fresh from the celebration and still dressed in the long retro coat with his blond hair spiky from the constant motion of his hands, he resembled a punk rocker more then the most brilliant neurological student to graduate from USC in the last fifty years.
Given his own lab and assistants by an unknown benefactor, he was on the verge of a major discovery in brain mapping.
His own reflection stared back from the monitor with icy blue determination as he input the last figures into his computer.
The USC Brain Project logo popped up on the screen.
    "Working" the computer re-calculated the new data as Sean watched and scribbled a few more notes on the cocktail napkin that he had taken from his pocket.
    "Double memory saccades require remapping"
    "Remapp" Sean gave the verbal command to the computer.
A dual column appeared with brain functions shown as a dark echo of peaks and valleys.
    "Increase LIP memory Neurons by 2.8 percent"
Sean watched with increasing excitement as the valleys in the left column developed Twin Peaks.
    "Decrease SC Neuron buildup by 2.8 percent"
A smile spread across his face, as the Twin Peaks of memory combined to make one mountain in a valley of echoed memory.
    "I did it" he saved his research with a push of a button, knowing that his work would aide in the development of neuro-remapping of personal memories, lost do to accident or disease.
    "Yes it appears you did"
Sean swung around, surprised by the appearance of the Taelon Synod leader Zo'or.
    "Gather the research materials and bring them to the mothership" at his command a score of identically dressed technicians scurried to disconnect computers stashing four years of work in boxes.
    "What are you doing, this is my project" Sean grabbed desperately at the blue garbed alien.
An well-aimed blow from a strong arm rendered him unconscious, and as Zo'or turned to leave, he looked at Sean, held in the arms of companion security.
    "Bring him also, Agent Sandoval see to it there is nothing left here to connect this project to the Taelons."
Sandoval motioned with his head and the other agents removed Sean and every evidence of the project from the lab.
As he exited the only thing left was a paper sign on the door, USC Brain Project.
Taking the sign down he slipped it into the inner pocket of his gray overcoat.
Flipping up the collar he buttoned his coat and shut the door quietly behind him.