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30 Days After The Companion Arrival
Author: Dot


………….30 Days After The Companion Arrival…………………

Ronald Sandoval came home to the empty house, walking tiredly through the stark white living room, with it’s sterile ultra-modern furnishings.
He shed his jacket and tie and looked in the refrigerator for something cool to drink. Bottles of imported mineral water and instant diet drinks crowded the shelves, there way in the back the remaining long neck Heineken; he sighed as if the beer was an answer to a dream and in a way
it was.
Throwing his jacket and tie on the bed he lie back trying to remember all the information he had been briefed on today.
He did not worry that DeeDee would be home, she was making the rounds of the country club set with her father the senator.

He had met with a Dr. Julianne Belman and four top commanders of the National Security Administration at the ultra top secret facility in Quantico. When he had jokingly asked why President Thompson himself was not there he was met with an icy silence. Dr. Belman had then taken pity
on him and answered that the President was out of the “need to know loop.” She opened a silver metal attaché case, and lay on the table what appeared to be a child’s rubber toy, until that toy reared and hissed at the closest commander who jumped back. Ronald Sandoval did not move
back, in fact he leaned forward to get a closer look.
    “This is a Skrill Agent Sandoval, it is a symbiont life form brought to Earth by the Taelons.” Dr. Belman sat in the chair opposite Sandoval observing his reaction.
As Sandoval reached out to touch the creature it started a low humming.
    “Odd” Dr Belman remarked, “it has never done that before, be careful Agent Sandoval you might find yourself a symbiont implant before we can instigate the safe guards.”
Sandoval straightened slowly but continued to stroke the Skrill,
    “implanted Dr. Belman?”
    “Yes, implanted, the Taelons insist that any human who works as a Companion Protector be implanted with both a Cortical implant with a motivational imperative and a Skrill which I have been told is a weapon.”
    “So I am to be a Companion Protector, complete with a brain implant and sharing life with this little beauty?” Sandoval gave the Skrill one last pet and stood.
Dr. Belman retrieved the Skrill and placed it back in the metal case.
    “You do understand Agent Sandoval that we have had limited exposure to these Taelon medical techniques, and we can not guarantee your safety or survival!”
    “What does this implant accomplish for the Taelon?” Sandoval tightened his tie adjusting the knot to true Windsor perfection.
    “It assures loyalty to your Companion and to the Taelon race as a whole.” Dr. Belman watched the immaculately attired agent and wondered how he had survived for over a year in the steamy jungles of Columbia.
The military top brass had assured her that this was the strongest willed and most experienced agent in either the East or West.
    “And what is it you hope to achieve Dr. Belman?” The agent had walked to the heavy smoked glass window, and spoke with his back to her.
    “Our people want to learn what the Taelon Agenda is here on Earth” Dr.
Belman stood also walking towards the agent.
    “Well Dr. anything for the cause!” he turned just as Dr. Belman reached him, and for a fleeting second she thought she saw a tear in his eye, but was quickly covered by an cold black stare.

Sandoval lay on the bed in his room taking a framed photo from the nightstand he wondered what had happened to those carefree days. The picture showed a smiling and laughing DeeDee sitting on the lap of her equally happy new husband. Before the fights began before she regretted her marriage to the “Cop” as her father called him. Taking a swallow of beer he closed his eyes this time the tear did slide out from under his lashes.