.....24 Hours after Companion arrival..... By Dot

    The yellow light was flashing in the upper right corner of the small box. Bip, bip, bip..Sandoval calmly and carefully twisted the remaining black and red wires together. The circut was now complete, and the bomb was activated. The yellow light turned to red, and the countdown began at 12 hours.

It had been a harrowing sixteen months under deep cover, and he had risked being exposed, due to higher ups incompetence far to many times. He had been promised a new assignment, far from the steamy Columbian jungle that seemed to sap the life from you.

The bombs placed at strategic areas were designed to completely destroy the infrastructure of the hidden terrorist base. The buildings and underground caverns would become the permanent graves of the 640 drug and arms smugglers that it housed.

For a brief second Sandoval thought of the acquaintances he had made, not friends, but people desperate enough to form another kind of bond for self preservation.
One corner of his lip twitched upward, too bad they were warned anonomously and paid no heed, they would die with the others.

Placing the small box under the hood of the air vent, He shrugged a back pack off his shoulder and slipped out of the camoflage clothes that he wore and donned the dark shirt and pants that he carried. With his dark natural pigment and tropical tan he had no need to blacken his face. After swallowing a few stimulant tabs he made his way into the dark jungle guided by his keen sense of direction, unerring tracking abilities and aided by night vision goggles, he found his way to the river and the boat hidden there.

Eleven hours and forty five minutes later he had made his way to the pre-arranged rendevous point.
Sitting in the circle of rocks he faced north in the direction from which he had come.
Taking out an old fashion silver pocket watch he counted the minutes that remained...
eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.. the sky lit up with a blast that could be felt all the way to where Sandoval waited.

Snapping the case shut he put the watch back in his pocket and looked skyward.
The muffled whump whump of the heavy blades of the BlackHawk helicopter announced the arrival of his rescue team. Reaching overhead he caught the ropeladder that was lowered.
Agilely making his way upward, he climed into the belly of the black beast, as it swung tightly around and flew off to the south.

A tight faced Airforce Colonel sitting on a bench opposite him, handed him an envelope which he opened.
He looked up raising one eyebrow questioningly, held in his hands were a typed dossier and two photographs, one of an flying ship of unknown origin and the other, of a humanoid figure but definitely not a human, with the name Da'an written on the photo.
"Your next assignment Agent Sandoval, they came yesterday"
Sandovals face broke into the small cold smile that his enemies had grown to fear.
With the slightest nod of his head he went back to studying the information in the envelope.